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The driving premise is to provide quality exceeding every expectation of the client at a fair price.


"We treat every client interaction with respect and value."
"There is no more important principle than listening and understanding our clients and developing trustworthy relationships."

About Our Company.
Our evolution over the past one and one half decades

Man2 is the result of many years of hard work, study and relationship building with our clients. Founded by Tom Bevivino, we are the evolution of the combined years of experience in the Information System Industriy.. For more than a decade and a half we have provided refined and professional technical engineering skills and consulting services to our clients. The driving premise is to provide quality exceeding every expectation of the client at a fair cost.

"Our clients must first be understood. Only then, can you offer solutions and services that they will benefit from. We treat every client interaction with respect and value, because we want to provide engineering and technology that will have a positive impact on the company and enhance the business. We can not accomplish this without gaining their vision of their business model."

Man2 has also integrated into the company culture the drive for education. Heading up our engineering, Tim Petrosky, a long time educator, has taught courses including certification courses in Cisco, Microsoft, Novell and various security sectors. He is currently active at Bucks County Community College in Newtown, Pennsylvania where he has pioneered their Cisco IT Academy and IT Security courses. He was commissioned to author materials for Homeland Security which are used in a consortium of 30 colleges that teach the Homeland Security courses in the mid-Atlantic.

"There is no more important principal than listening and understanding our clients and developing trustworthy relationships.".

The business culture incorporates the philosophy and business teachings of Dr. Stephen Covey. Dr. Covey is perhaps best known for his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective PeopleĀ®, which has sold million copies and was named as one of the top ten most influential business books of all time by Forbes magazine.

Dr. Covey is also an internationally respected leadership authority, time management guru, family expert, teacher, and organizational strategy consultant. He has made teaching principle-centered living and leadership his life's work. Man2 embraces these business teachings which allows us to provide an unrivaled level of services and education to our clients.

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Our deep belief in knowledge sharing and education has driven our engineering firm to invest a significant amount of resources and energies in providing education for both our customers and for students currently pursuing a career in Information System Technologies and related fields. For students accessing this site for the first time, it is going thru many renovations. Over the next several months, you will find additional resources made available, so be sure to stop back often. If you require privileged access to this site, you must email your request to us at postmaster@man2tech.com

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January 2014

Did you know that many companies in the US don't really know whats vulnerable on their network, and most would not have a way to accurately evalute a security breach if they suspected one? Don't play the waiting game. Talk to us about the best way to prepare, defend and thwart the attackers.


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January 2014

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