Application-level availability, security and acceleration with comprehensive visibility and user control our customers need.


Bluecoat Portfolio
Bluecoat is a leader in WAN optimization for the enterprise. Because of the wide array of products, Packetshaper products are located on their own page.



Blue Coat ProxySG appliances offer a comprehensive foundation for the Blue Coat Secure Web Gateway solution and advanced WAN Optimization feature sets. ProxySG appliances combine high-performance hardware with Blue Coat SGOS, a custom, object-based operating system that enables flexible policy control over content, users, applications and protocols.



The ProxyOne appliance delivers best-in-class malware protection, URL filtering and reporting on a single, cost-effective platform that is easy to deploy, manage and maintain. With ProxyOne, medium sized companies can significantly reduce the risks of doing business on the web with advanced security features that are easy to deploy and customize.

Data Loss Prevention


Enables organizations to begin detecting and blocking potential data leaks quickly and accurately. Achieve industry and regulatory compliance and risk mitigation objectives, and maintain comprehensive security policies with minimal management overhead. Leverage powerful discovery capabilities to identify sensitive information scattered throughout the network.



Designed for use with ProxySG Full Proxy Edition appliances to provide inline threat protection and malware scanning of Web content at the gateway, an integral element of Blue Coat's layered defenses security framework. The unique, high-performance architecture of ProxyAV combined with leading anti-malware engines efficiently secure Web traffic and protect users from Web-based malware.



Part of the Application Delivery Network (ADN), which provides complete application visibility, acceleration and security, Blue Coat WebFilter™ protects users, blocks malware downloads and Web threats, and enables compliance. WebFilter is continuously updated by the WebPulse community that detects malware and provides reputation and Web content analysis.



Enables service providers to manage dramatic increases in network traffic. Utilizing effective Web caching technology, CacheFlow appliances save bandwidth on expensive links and backhaul traffic, while improving the end-user experience. Through a scalable architecture of cache farms, service providers can accelerate rich Web 2.0 content, large files and video.



Reporter gives managers powerful visibility into all Web-related user activity. Beyond URL Filtering, Reporter provides customizable, at-a-glance dashboards and reports along with intuitive drill-down capabilities making it an invaluable part of security, compliance, bandwidth management, and other business-critical efforts.



Delivering a centralized policy, configuration and device management of the ProxySG across any distributed enterprise. Using a single, Web interface, administrators can deploy, monitor and enforce security and acceleration policies on hundreds of appliances deployed worldwide. With Director, IT administrators can develop configs locally and distribute globally, creating a flexible policy hierarchy.